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DEAN is a musician producer and songwriter who to date has released over 20 albums, he writes produces and plays all the instruments on all his own material both as a single artist as well as band albums under the band name Cut To The Bone a band he put together to present a live  more striped down in the face version of his sound.He has worked in many genres blending Rock Funk Lattin and Fusion. Though working in several bands he released his first solo album several years ago. But you could say he has been in music since high school,like many his first taste of music was in the school band where he received a great grounding  in his musical education by his music teacher and band leader, who taught him how to read and write music. But he says once he left school and started playing in bands he had to unlearn all that he had learned in order to improvise and solo because he was so used to reading music. But now with many a solo under his belt he is able to put it all together. With the uncertainty of these troubled days and a change in direction of his music he has decided to go back to recording under his own name, he is back to working on new music and recording new albums. He continues to be very active and pushing boundaries looking for fresh ideas and new music to challenge the mind and sooth the soul.

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